Introducing “Miracle”… My Miracle Muse. (01.01.2014)


Introducing:  "Miracle"... My Miracle Muse.

As an Artist, I am always looking for a muse.  It was quite unexpected when sitting at breakfast (New Year's Day - 2012), that I committed to my Husband and my Grandson, to create a "Sketch of the Day" for the next 366 days.  I would post the drawings each day on my personal FaceBook page.

The daily lessons from ACIM (A Course in Miracles) would be my inspiration.  This was the year I would read the lessons each day, and go to work creating my own visual affirmation.  Sometimes the correlation between the lesson and the sketch is evident... and sometimes the sketch is brought about by my own "daily lessons in love",  guided by the teachings of ACIM.

Within the first few weeks of the sketches, I was delighted to see my Miracle girl develop in character, and even attract friends and foes to share her stage... I mean page!

I just know you'll find her "positively delightful" too.


Lesson 1, A Course in Miracles

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