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Hi there! I’m Cathleen Schott, creator of Miracle.

As an Artist, I am always looking for a muse. It was quite unexpected when sitting at breakfast 01.01.2012 - that I committed to my husband and my grandson, to create “A Sketch of the Day” for the next 366!

The daily lessons from ACIM (*A Course in Miracles) would be my inspiration. This was the year I would commit to reading the lessons each day, and drawing my visual “affirmation”. I posted these sketches on my FaceBook page.

Not long into my pledge I thought, “How will I ever do this?” But, each day... as another sketch was completed and posted, I was delighted and amused as Miracle developed - and her extended family appeared. So were my FaceBook followers, and Miracle grew a loving fan base.

I’m opening this gift shop after Miracle’s fans
expressed wanting to have prints, greeting cards,
teeshirts and more of Miracle!

I’m thankful You came to meet Miracle. I know you’ll find her Positively Delightful!

meet the Cast

and my name is Miracle

Miracle is on a journey to experience pure love.. to Be Love! She is sometimes joined by her side-kick "Sparkle" - a bird who often chimes in with "Today's Tweet!" Oh... and then there's her Ego - (green)... who continually barges in on the set... providing another lesson in love.

You'll also meet Miracle's Shadowy Side, her Inner Child, her Critical Parent and her Higher Self.