Your Daily Miracle… 04.06.2014

A Course in Miracles, lesson 96
Your Daily Miracle by Cathleen Schott

If you catch some of Miracle's love today, be sure to pass it along!

Miracle knows happiness is a thought she shares with the universe... and when her mind is at peace, and filled with joy - she happily does her part to spread peace and love throughout the world.  Miracle is so very thankful for all the love, all the joy and abundance that is showing up in her life... and she is just as anxious to share them - with each of us.

In today's sketch, I wanted to portray Miracle with a calmness over her.... "spreading love" in an easy and gentle way.  I wanted to illustrate Miracle in bliss... because that is the model I wanted for my own self... and, I got it.


Lesson 96, A Course in Miracles


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