Your Daily Miracle… 04.15.2014

A Course in Miracles, Lesson 105
Your Daily Miracle by Cathleen Schott

Sparkle and Miracle are united offering peace to all they meet... and the more they offer, the more peace, love and joy they will receive.

So, in the spirit of true giving... Sparkle and Miracle say "Thank You!"

For today's sketch, I wanted a visual that would show - close friends sharing peace and love (because that's easy), and in addition offering peace and love to everyone (which sometimes is not so easy... which is exactly why we are so rewarded when we do!)  So the final sketch above depicts Sparkle and Miracle living the life in peace and joy and passing it on, to all the world.

"Thank You Sparkle and Miracle!"


Lesson 105, A Course in Miracles


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